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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ             

How can I trust Via Nicoline?

1.  We advertize on several of the world´s biggest sights for holiday rentals (please ask for references). If they would receive complaints, we would be omitted.

2.  On our page, you find the official registration number of the company, you could look it up on official Swedish government sites such as  or


3.  Please goggle “Nicoline Kinch”, the owner of Via Nicoline. There is only one person with this name, and you will see that the info provided is correct, for instance that she is a lay judge with the Court of Stockholm.


4.  We use the biggest bank in Sweden, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken(SEB).


5.  We are happy to ask previous rentors allow us to give you their email addresses and you can write and ask for references.

Why does Via Nicoline want to know why I am visiting Stockholm?

There are lots of automated booking sights for those who prefer to be more anonyme. We aim to be more personal. We enjoy the contacts created by doing this business.

Also, we have promised the people renting out their homes through us to do our best to find respectful rentors. So how can we “get to know you”? With experience, we have learnt that a simple question like “what brings you to Stockholm?” is very interesting.

What are the payment procedures?

You will have the choice to pay via regular bank transfer to our bank account or via Paypal. Bank transfer takes 4-5 days and sometimes it is expensive for you.  Paypal is immediate, and at no cost for you,  but we will add 4 % to the price to cover our Paypal charges.

We ask for 25% of the rent at the time of booking and the rest 2 months prior to arrival.

If you insist, we accept 50% at the time of booking and 50% in cash in SEK at arrival. But please note that this means you have to get, and travel, with Swedish  kronor.

Why do I have to pay in Swedish kronor, SEK?

Since owners are paid in SEK, this is the currency we have decided to use for rentals in Sweden. We do have an account in Euro, that can be used for rentals in France.

Why do I have to pay in advance?​

Please see under payment procedures: we do occasionally accept 50% payment in cash at arrival, but find this a much more unsafe strategy for both parties.

What is included in the rent?

Tax, linen, all charges and final cleaning is included.

Where are the apartments situated?

There is a map for you to see where the apartments in Stockholm are situated. Please note however, that we have changed the position slightly, so that the apartment cannot be 100% identified. This is to protect ourselves from “hijacking” of our adds. When first payment has been made, will get the exact address

I need to know what your cancellation policy is!

If you cancel your booking less than 2 months prior to arrival, we will keep the booking cost and reserve the right to refund  (less any additional costs incurred) to you if we are able to secure an alternative booking

What about checking in and checking out?

You can check in after 16.00 pm and should check out before 10.00. This is in order to have enough time for cleaning between guests.

Early arrivals/late departures: We recommend owners to treat requests about early arrivals or late departures as positively as possible. However,  such a promise is normally made only a week or so before your arrivals, when knowing if there is another rental just before or after you.

Do I have to clean the apartment?

You will be expected to strip beds, wash-up dishes, take trash away etc – but you are not expected to clean.

What is the security deposit?

The contract says that you are to pay a sum in cash, normally 500 Euros or 500 US$ (your choice).
This will be returned upon departure, provided the apartment is left in good order.