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About us


Nicoline Kinch runs the company together with her good friend and colleague, Gisela Bornebusch.


Via Nicoline is a win/win concept;

-apartments are being lived in when owners are away

-owners get an extra income

-visitors can enjoy the experience of living like a Stockholmer

-the company makes a living

-and, as if all that is not enough, nice social contacts and new friends are often made!

In fact, we have come to learn that Via Nicoline attracts people that are open-minded, curious and good-hearted. These characteristics are necessary when letting your home to “a complete stranger”. They are similarily necessary for potential guests. Not all people are interested in staying in a home and willing to trust the information being presented here.

On a personal level, it is great to be able to work anywhere, We just need an internet connection. It gives us at Via Nicoline the freedom to move as we wish and also do it at all times in the day.

Personal attention and high degree of service

Nicoline started to let her secondary home in southern France in 1997. In 2006 she continued by letting a few apartments in Stockholm, quickly realizing that this could be turned into a professional business. Nicoline, having a big circle of friends, and promising them to do her very best to get good guests, found attractive homes and quickly got going. The business doubled each year 2008, 2009 and 2010. 2011 also saw a substantial increase.

The unique selling point, other than the very good apartments on offer, is to provide personal attention and service, and not just an automated booking machine. In our opinion, this is better and safer for everybody.

This goes both ways; we keep in close contact with all our owners and know their apartments and situations well. We also always have a dialogue with potential guests, before contracts and agreements are made, in order to insure full satisfaction for all parties.

And to continue to improve our services, we also ask for feedback, once the rental is over.

Real people – not machines

Nicoline: I grew up in Stockholm. My mother was an airhostess in the very early days of SAS. Therefor, I have always travelled a lot and studied and lived in Brussels, Dublin, New York, Lusaka and Harare.

I studied political science in Stockholm and at College d´Europe in Brügge, Belgium. For a couple of years in 70/80s I worked with the United Nations Development Programme in New York, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Since then, I live permanently in Stockholm.

Early 90s I inherited the company OK-produktion Fars AB (OK stands for Olle Kinch, my father). I produced theatre at “Folkan” in Stockholm and ran a theatre school, “Sibyllegatans Teater”.

I am a lay judge in the court and I have done various voluntary/social work. My favorite activity is Esperanto, a wonderful, simple, logic language (I am willing to bet a bottle of Champagne that I can teach you ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about Esperanto verbs in 4 minutes. Just call me, and we´ll do it…………..)

I have a daughter, Lina, who is now a juniordoctor and a son, Erik, still at University in Uppsala.

Most of my time these days is spend with a new invention, please have a look at to learn more.


I grew up in Stockholm, in a big family. I have had the opportunity to live in both England and Italy. I studied Hotel and restaurant school and have spent most of my professional life within service businesses – service lies very dear to my heart.

In addition I have done a couple of years as a business broker and have had my own boutique.

I got to know Nicoline via friends and started to let out my apartment. I was delighted to see how well it worked and what nice guests would come to my home this way.

So I am now alongside my other job, more and more taking over the daily work of ViaNicoline and love to be in touch with people from all over the world ?

I have 3 daughters, one still in school, the others travelling the world – just like their mother used to do!





"We would be delighted to have our quote in any website you are creating! Not only is your place wonderful but you have been a joy to work with."

Lynda Hamburger

Croton, NY, USA